Finding the right tree service..

Finding the right tree service in your area may be a daunting task. I know first hand. Just recently we had a very bad storm in our area, leaving our back yard with downed trees, and uprooted large trees everywhere. We were sort of stranded in our home because we woke up and there was a huge tree laying over our driveway.. take a look..


What did I do? Same thing that every human being does now a-days.. shops around for estimates of course..

We started our search on facebook and by word of mouth. This only yielded sub par tree companies in the area. Some of which were not even legit businesses. Some things to make sure of…

  1. They are licensed
    1. dealing with a non licensed tree service may make you liable for any damage that they do when they take the tree out. If they are insured, you should be assured that anything that is damaged will be replaced.

2. They have good reviews. Thats right. The best predictor now-a-days is making sure they have good reviews on google, yelp, etc. The more the better.

3. They aren’t TOO busy. Find a company that will help you out and provide an estimate by the end of the day or the day after. Many tree companies especially the hungry ones who do nice jobs will happily oblige and come out quickly!


Luckily we found a great tree service that not only came out quickly to give us a free quote, they were very reasonably, removed the tree and cleaned up the mess that was made. I am happy we went with Tree Service Scranton. If you ever need a tree guy, go with them!




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