The Alaskan Wilderness

Hi guys I’m back again to talk about one of my adventures. About one year ago I decided to take a trip to Alaska also consider the last frontier. I figured I try my hat at roughing it instead of staying in some sort of luxurious hotel. What many people don’t know about Alaska is that it’s not freezing cold and it’s often comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Because of where it’s located on the map you’re often faced with summer months of full sunshine even as you sleep 24 hours of sunlight shines into your windows. The downside is, during the winter months your face with pretty much complete darkness for the majority of the day. This could be tough to get used to I’m sure but the natives probably do not know anything different. There are many local businesses in Alaska primarily markets selling fresh fish, local camping gear, tree removal service, typical for that area. I will tell you that despite it being very remote, there’s many things to do as this has become quite a Taurus attraction. Whether you want to fish or ski or go on boat rides there’s always something. There’s even night life. I remember getting off the plane and taking in the beauty of the state. The skies are absolutely breathtaking as you can see the northern lights very clearly. The habitat is unbelievable and there is much wildlife throughout the state. A friend of mine and I took this trip together and ended up renting a tent and staying out in the woods overnight to get the real feel for the Alaskan wilderness. This was a little nerve-racking but in the end it was definitely an experience that I never thought I would have. I’m glad I sucked it up. Feel free to check out the pictures below and until next time have a wonderful day.



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