Getting Stuck in the Mud!

Whats up everyone, it’s been a little while since I posted last. I’m spending a lot of time outdoors and away from my devices. I want to touch base with you about a fun experience I had last night. We are basically making our way through the northeastern mountains, And it is very muddy. This plus the fact that it was around midnight made visibility extremely hard for us. It wasn’t long before we ran ourselves into a ditch and were forced to call a tow truck for help. Luckily, Scranton Towing was there for us even late in the evening. They were able to winch us to their tow truck and pull us out of the mud. The driver was nice and actually told us of some really nice places to visit in the area. We were amazed at all the cool sites to see in Northeastern PA.

Aside from the towing problems, we have been having quite a good time regardless. The weather is cooperating with us and we rarely see a bad day. Its a good thing I have a high quality camera to take some awesome pictures. I will have to post some in the near future.

Anyways. Words of wisdom, try not to drive in the muddy conditions – especially at 2 AM.

Thanks for checking in.


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