Fun In New Orleans

Hi everyone I’m back for my first-ever blog. I just returned from an awesome trip in New Orleans Louisiana. You may or may not know that Louisiana especially, New Orleans has so much history. It’s not just about Mardi Gras and how many beads you can collect, generally the people are very very friendly and eager to help a vacationer. Recently they fell on some hard times with all of the flooding that was encountered. Luckily, they rebuilt the surrounding suburbs over the past couple of years and New Orleans shows promise of full recovery. Even one of my good friends who works as a roofing contractor drove down to New Orleans to help with the rebuild. I must say that the food was absolutely delicious. In New Orleans Louisiana all of their fish was fresh caught and the best of the best. Some tourists go to New Orleans for the history but many go for the nightlife. The nights in New Orleans are especially busy during Mardi Gras season. Seems like the streets are flooded with tourists and everyone was looking for fun. It may be a family atmosphere in the afternoon but when the sun goes down things start turning into a crazy fun. I specifically remember barhopping for the majority of the evening from 9 o’clock to four in the morning. We spent much of our time at the dueling piano bar, I think it was called O’Leary’s. At this bar to musicians took turns playing the hardest pieces on stage they would go back-and-forth and the crowd would eventually vote for who had the best piano playing of the night. From there we went to a Nother local bar with a local band. New Orleans is also famous for having the best cover bands possibly in the nation. This band was playing mostly 80s music and was playing a song called Rosanna by Toto. It was such an amazing performance as this was one of my favorite songs. I have never to that they saw the song played life he did a great job. We spent the rest of our night there and actually met the band. It turns out half of the band did this for a living but half the band at other jobs. Insert niche here all in all my trip to New Orleans was not only informational and educational, it was a fun time in the nightlife is absolutely incredible I highly recommend going to New Orleans if you had not been there I plan on returning in the near future. That’s all for now ciao

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